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Welcome to WindFire Designs
colorwing morpho kites and flowxl by tim elverston and ruth whiting


What we do:



•appreciation of subtlety can be a matter of survival•


We produce:

WindFire Designs is a design and handmade technologies company. Our small but powerful studio produces beautiful objects of the finest quality and highest performance. We love what we do. No matter what it is, you won't find anything quite like it anywhere else in the world! If what you see on this site intrigues you please don't hesitate to contact us.



windfire designs makes custom kitesruth whiting paints cuben morpho kites



windfire designs does custom lighting designwindfire designs makes illustrated books ruth whiting and lonely bird




Fine arts and methods:

Our studio produces a range of fine arts including kites, paintings, lighting, jewelry, clothing, and illustrated books. Our technologies form both around the demands of flight and 20 years of refinement and cumulative intuition. The materials and construction methods are carefully chosen to make our work last more than our lifetime. Each piece we choose to produce is the result of merging the most applicable of our technologies in all of our disciplines.



tim elverston lamp hinge stainless steel wire worktim elverston silk kites



windfire designs fine art lighting designwindfire designs custom leather bags



tim elverston lighting designtim elverston lighting design



windfire designs silk kites vertexwindfire designs silk kites Flame 02




We perform:

Much of our work has been shaped by years of performances. These range from shows in galleries and on stage, Festivals, commercials, and installations. Every year we also attend at least two major events which serve as both exhibitions and testing grounds for the direction of our outdoor ideas. The first is the Festival Internazionale dell'Aquilone by Artevento. The second is Burning Man and the Department of Tethered Aviation. We also work with Kiteman Productions to help them produce large shows around the world, like this one in Doha, Qatar — Project Flowx, kites, and Feather Banners at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2011.



windfire designs gallery showwindfire designs custom kites in gallery with ruth whiting oil paintings



windfire designs performs with flowx silk kiteswindfire designs performs with silk kites



windfire designs performs with painted kites by ruth whiting and tim elverstonwindfire designs performs with cursor kite




For collectors:

Buy WindFire Designs!. Get beautiful custom kites and other artwork from us directly. Ask us to make something for you - a gift, an event - look around our site and find out what we do. Also, our gallery page now has art that is complete and ready to go to a loving home. Work out the details by contacting us via email. Also if you need more pictures emailed to you, ask us and we'll see what's on our machine that may be helpful.



tim elverston origami lamptim elverston articulated lamp



mini photon kite by tim elverston painted by ruth whitingtim elverston ruth whiting painted photon kite



ruth whiting painted lonely bird book imageruth whiting lonely bird book



tim elverston jewelry necklace stainless steeltim elverston stainless jewelry



ruth whiting tim elverston painted flame quadline kitetim elverston ruth whiting windfire flame painted kites




We repair kites and paragliders:

Kite Repair Service: Here is our theory: If a kite repair is done right you'll want to show it off. We specialize in Kite Surfing kite repair. Our care and skill makes sure that your kite suffers zero performance loss. No one can repair kites better than we can. By the way: We now have a new and easy to remember URL : www.ProKiteRepair.com

Paraglider repair: We've been doing this for years now, but we finally made it official. Visit the dedicated site.

Check out our strategy to reduce oil consumption.

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Our influences and inspirations:

dean jordan and Jordan Air Kites. Tim Elverston apprenticed closely under dean for many years at Jordan Air Kites.

Marc Ricketts and Guildworks. Tim and Marc worked together to develop a lot of technology.

Slightly random:

Here is an instructional page about making goggles. How to make dust goggles from leather and glass.



Who we are:


Tim Elverston

"We build the hype into our work. That way people can enjoy rather than endure it."

"The eye is often mightier than the calculator."

Ruth Whiting

Ruth Whiting working on Lonely Bird

"Cultivate your insanity, but listen to your materials."



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Our portfolios:
Tim Elverston
Ruth Whiting


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