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NewTech Kites is producing the Air-YO™!! If you are a kite shop, please contact NewTech Kites for ordering information. Make sure you also look at the new Air-YO™ website.  KTAI 2004 went very well for us and NewTech Kites officially released the Air-YO™ into their product line. It is finally a complete product. Place your orders now with NewTech Kites or visit your local kite shop and tell them about it!

Please email us to be notified of updates regarding this product (don't worry! your email address will stop at our machine).

Fear Not: You'll still be able to order very trick custom Air-YOs from us even after it goes crazy mass production. We are also going to release the Air-YO™ GOLD Series at the perfect unexpected time! And huge Air-YO™s, you better believe it.

Everyone who owns Air-YOs already!! just email us to get copies of the complete Air-YO™ instructions. Just 4 small .gif files and you're assembling and flying Air-YOs like a maniac.

Slightly Big--- E-Jam™ News!! There is an update to the design of the stainless steel tensioners called E-Jams™ (Elverston Jam Cleats). If you purchased an Air-YO™ from the first batch, and you've had trouble operating the E-Jams™, please email us and we'll work out a way to get you a pair of the new ones (not pictured here). They are sweetness!

The original Air-YOtm was carefully designed by three crazy kite builders named Tim Elverston, Curtiss Mitchell, and Ruth Whiting. The Air-YOtm is a toy but it has its roots in kites. During more than twenty years of flying kites and over ten years of building kites professionally, we’ve seen kites do some pretty amazing things. One day, many ideas about stuff that flies became clear in our heads and the very first Air-YOtm was put together. When the Air-YOtm obeyed us for the first time, it was like magic jumped out of the air around us and was transmitted through the string directly to our waiting fingertips. We realized that what we had invented was something very special. We had given life to an object that would give other people who touch it a brand new perspective on what it means to control something that is in flight. The Air-YOtm is actually a tethered-omnidirectional-planing-flying object. It is also one of the first flying ring toys that doesn’t need to spin as it flies.

The Air-YOtm is a training toy for those who want great things, it is a toy to hone your hand-eye coordination, or to make a timid arm nimble again. The Air-YOtm is a toy to help you see the invisible, it is a toy to confuse a dog with, and it is a toy for when you are peacefully alone, but it can draw people together with magnetic force. The truth is that the Air-YOtm can be more than just a toy, because when people tell you that there are limits in life you can say “how can that be?… I can Air-YOtm” and you can mean it!

We hope you and those around you have immeasurable fun using your Air-YOtm and we welcome your feedback… we’ll need it to pull the next bit of magic out of the air!

Check out the Air-YOtm Video.

Also have a look at some Air-YOtm still shots.






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air yo kite

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