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WindFire Designs Circle Tool

Windfire Designs Circle Tool Metal Circle Template Tim Elverston Mark Whiting
Lonely Bird is illustrated with over sixty beautifully rendered oil paintings. It is a modern illuminated manuscript—an art book that tells a story. Recently completed by Ruth Whiting. Learn about the Limited Artist's Edition.
Lonely Bird Book by Ruth Whiting

Mini Photons

Carbon, stainless steel, spectra laminate, oils. 56 cm, 4.6 grams.

Magically controllable, and insanely light single line kites made to precision archival standards.

$500 - 3 blue, 2 yellow in stock. Other colors available with 3 month lead time.

painted kite by ruth whiting and tim elverston

ColorWing Flames

Carbon, stainless steel, spectra laminate, oils. 243 cm, 119 grams.

Highly-refined handmade technology. Perfectly ballanced quadline kites in their 20th generation. Built to archival standards.

$5000 - 3 month lead time

colorwing flames quadline kites painted by ruth whiting and designed by tim elverston

Morpho Gliders

Carbon, stainless steel, spectra laminate, oils. 3 sizes.

Gliding on a delicate combination of stiffness and flexibility, built to archival standards.

4.26 meters $4000
2.13 meters $2500
1.21 meters $1000

colorwing morpho gliders by tim elverston and ruth whiting

Table lamps

Carbon, stainless steel, spectra laminate.

We use our own lighting designs throughout our studio spaces and in our living areas too. Beauty, function, longevity.

$780 - 3 month lead time

table lamp designed by tim elverston at windfire designs

Articulated wall lamp

Carbon, stainless steel, spectra laminate

Incredible function in a totally adaptable form. Wall-mounted with frictionless adjustablity within a large range over five feet.

articulated and counterweighted wall lamp