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Little Serendipities.

They are extremely detailed and it takes a delicate touch to deal with the strong adhesives used to laminate the mainsail to the beautiful reinforcements. They have enjoyed a small fame throughout the kite world and as a result Ruth has sold dozens of them. A finer and more stable small kite would be nearly impossible to find. They are built out of carbon, mylar and performance plastic sheeting. The techniques and fittings for building these small kites come from Tim Elverston's miniature glider deltas called Morpho Gliders and the miniature Photon Fighter. Although the complexity (beauty) of The Little Serendipity made it necessary to invent new methods for dealing with the large overlays that have to adhere perfectly flat and symmetrical. Ruth loves to sell these kites one and two at a time. They make a great gift. Contact Ruth for information on what colors are available! The cost is $65 plus shipping. Each one is signed and dated by Ruth herself.