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lacewing windfire flame

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The WindFire Flame

8 feet wide • 0-5mph • 4.8 ounces

Available via special order. Check out the Flame Video.
Each of these kites is meticulously made by Tim Elverston and will now often be painted by Ruth Whiting.
  • 100% carbon frame
  • jewelry-like hand-formed stainless wire fittings
  • easily adjustable via. 13 stainless E-Jam Cleats
  • fluid, organic, smooth and solid flight
  • easy access to all components

All WindFire Flames are built individually by Tim Elverston.

Read some thoughts on flying these kites here.

We put our life energy into our designs. It may be tempting for others in the kite industry to adapt, modify and simply to use these technologies. If you feel you must emulate our work, ask for express permission first! Please give credit where you know it is due. Tell 'em about us and maybe we'll tell 'em about you. ...Oh yeah and buy our kites!