The Photon Fighter

This kite is called The Photon Fighter kite. It is a unique kite because it uses only two spars bent in opposition to each other. I designed it right before I left to live in Australia for a year. The inspiration for the overall shape and especially the frame design came from trying to figure out how to efficiently spar a grape leaf. I'd thought that a kite based on the shape of a leaf would at the very least, be beautiful. It took me a long time in my head to solve the problems of this frame design. The fact that there is no spine or spreader and the fittings (sewn pieces of two liter bottle) are things that I'm quite proud of - very like some japanese 'Bee' kites. The four point bridle is also quite essential for adjustablilty. The first Photon was tiny and weighed almost nothing. It is pictured elsewhere in my portfolio Nano Photon Fighter . This size is the most popular. Please feel free to order a few directly from us. They are $100.00 a piece and they are signed by me, Tim Elverston.

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