Bridget Whiting — Portfolio

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Bridget Whiting

Dancer, maker, designer, seamstress, laugher, and lover of pasta and shoes, Bridget Whiting is developing many aspects of her creativity. This collection shows some of her work.

Also view a portfolio with more of her work here.


Jester's Scepter — modified replica of an authentic scepter.

Bridget Whiting Bip
Bridget Whiting testing a chicken puppet

Chicken Puppet

Animation test of remotely manipulated bird puppet. Carbon fiber, spectra, wood, silk, stainless steel. 2015

Crown of Thorns

Fabricated as a prop for a stage production of Jesus Christ Super Star.

Crown of Thorns by Bridget Whiting
Making a hand-dyed silk scarf

Hand-dyed silk scarves.

Remote Control

Large remote control as a theater prop. Painted wood.

Bridget Whiting stage prop large remote control from wood
Bridget Whiting leather flight hat for rabbitBridget Whiting leather flight hat for rabbit rear view

Leather Flight Hat

Aviator's hat for stuffed rabbit. 3D to 2D shape capture.


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