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Placing Orders

Each Flowx is cut, dyed, and built to order. Selected photographs of the build process and initial test flight are provided to the buyer directly from our studio. Every kite we make is signed and dated by Tim Elverston and Ruth Whiting.

Your Colors

Custom colors are part of the ordering process. Nearly any color is possible. For Flowx, we typically do the the sail in one color.


Building these kites occurs in several stages, and each stage has some inherant demands on time. Total turn-around time is about 3 weeks.

Ruth Whiting reclined in a chair in the Black Rock Desert with a stack of 5 black Flowx silk kites by Tim Elverston

3 sizes available

'Add to Cart' buttons are 50% deposits. Balance due prior to shipping.

Purchase information

Flowx - specs and sizes

There are 3 sizes available:
Specify any color.

FlowxL — $2800
25 feet long — smallest pack is 36" x 4"
50% deposit = $1400


Flowx — $680 each
10 feet long — smallest pack is 40" x 2"
• Minimum order is 3 units = $2040
50% deposit = $1020


Baby Flowx — $360
2.5 feet long — smallest pack is tiny
• Minimum order is 3 units = $1080
50% deposit = $540

Payment terms and options

We request 50% deposit payments be made to start an order. The remainder will be due just prior to shipping.

Deposits can be made via:

Paypal 'add to cart' buttons to the left. Each button is set up to charge HALF THE COST of the final invoice, with shipping to be calculated separately.

Credit cards deposits can be made via phone call.

Personal checks, our preferred option, can be sent to our studio.

Ruth wind worships with 3 FlowxL stacked with 3 baby flowx in the desert

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