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Mini Photon kite by Windfire Designs shown gliding under an oak tree

Completely small

Mini Photon

Originally based on the shape of a grape leaf, the Photon is at home flying both indoors or out in the elements. Designed as a fighter kite, the Photon's frame carves three planar sections from the sail. By eliminating both the spine and the spreader, and instead using dual opposed bows, the sail forms a beautifully balanced foil as it loads up in the wind.

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Mini Photon kite shown over blue water in Sicily

Weight, ballance, agility

Photon kite flying down

The ballance of the Photon is paramount to its performance. It glides for amazing distances both forward and backward. It will "leaf", slide, and float while it waits for line input.

Archival colors are applied to every Photon. Ruth Whiting paints with exquisite care to achieve a perfect relationship between saturation, durability, and weight.

two photon kite sails painted by ruth whiting showing overlap transparency of colors
Photon kite by windfire designs shown on a triple beam scale weighing only 4.6 grams

Weighing only 4.6 grams, Photons will easily fly indoors and in no wind at all.

As with all of our kites, tiny stainless steel fittings make the Photon's structure archival. Glue is avoided almost entirely, so although each component is small, every part of the Photon is replaceable.

Photon kite tip fitting detail by Tim Elverston

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