Flame and O2 Flame

WindFire Designs

ColorWing Flame quadline kite with O2 Flame quadline kite flying together - designed by WindFire Designs

Our two quadline kite designs, the Flame, and the O2 Flame are in the same family, but they have very different characteristics.

WindFire Designs - The WindFire Flame - Designed by Tim Elverston

WindFire Flame

A quadline kite. The Flame is crisp, sensitive, wildly efficient, and designed around a specific style of smooth, organic, light wind flying.

O2 Flame

A magical quadline kite. Simultaneously soft and precise. This porous, uncoated silk form breathes, flexes, and floats with per-millimeter control in a huge wind range. So stable it will quiesce with its controls held in one hand, and fly as a single line.

O2 Flame by Tim Elverston - silk quadline kite carbon fiber stainless steel

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