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detail of articulated lamp fixture design by Tim Elverston


ArticuLamps, are wall-mounted, counterweighted, made to perform flawlessly, and to last a lifetime. Their unique design challenges conventions and sets a new standard of performance for adjustable lighting.

Below is a detail of our stainless steel shade. Perfect as a task or reading lamp, these shades are sewn at the seam with stainless steel wire.

Articulamp windfire designs stainless shade head detail
Two arm wall lamp - Counterweighted lighting design by Tim ElverstonWindFire Designs
Counterweighted lamp by Tim Elverston of WindFire Designs

Frictionless and precisely adjustable, ArticuLamps make light available right where you need it. Detailed here is our origami shade. Made from a synthetic film, the folded pattern provides ambient lighting that's also focused below the shade.

ArticuLight by WindFire Designs - Detail of the articultated lamp head hinge

Fluid motion, archival design

Articulated wall lamp detail of hinge design by Tim Elverston

ArticuLamps, were first conceived as solutions for our own studio lighting needs. We wanted to position light, without resistance, springs, or set screws, anywhere, and within a broad range.

We made them for ourselves to fill various dark voids in our studio. Over many years of refinements, ArticuLamps developed into elegant pieces of living, functional sculpture.

Animated example of the WindFire Articulated Lamp motion
Stainless lampshade articulated head by WindFire Designs showing focal shift and detail

On the left, we see a detail of the hinge at the ArticuLamps's head. Like a sketch of a hinge, only the important elements are represented.

ArticuLamps are designed to be lived with, used, and loved. They are built to be passed down in the family. They are especially well-suited to reach over chairs, sofas, and work tables.

They achieve their remarkable range by starting with an extremely light carbon fiber frame, like high-performance kites. As the arms extend out from the wall, the total mass is minimal, so tension and friction in the counterweight system remain extremely low.

Our unique fittings and joints are made by hand, and designed precisely for each situation. Formed from stainless steel wire, material use is unbeatably minimal.

Articulamp head detail of stainless steel hinge design by Tim Elverston
an articulated counterweighted wall lamp by windfire designs and ruth whiting sits in a chair to read

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ArticuLamp by WindFire Designs being used to read to a child

Surface Lamps

The second variety of lamps we make at WindFire Designs are Surface Lamps. The design is descendent from our original lamp concept made over 20 years ago.

With years of refinements, they have become staples of light. They provide friendly illumination to any table or shelf.

WindFire Designs Table Lamp - Design by Tim Elverston - Carbon fiber stainless steel and spectra line and laminate
detail of sewn and hand formed origami lamp shade design by Tim Elverston

The origami shades of our lamps are made of a synthetic laminate that's impervious to the elements.

A unique shade harp and mount on our Surface Lamps allows for the shade to be lifted off easily.

WindFire Surface Lamps have an incredibly minimal footprint. Their carbon fiber frame means they weigh far less than any other lamp of their size.

They are supported by only three, or on some models, four points.

Their tiny feet politely allow for objects to exist around and under them. They are also padded to stay in place without marking fine finishes.


Shows the minimal footprint and space requirements of the WindFire Surface Lamp by placing a phone under the lamp

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Lamps by WindFire Designs

Made by Hands

All electrical connections are precisely tinned and solder-joined.

Adhesives are avoided completely. Every interface and joint is designed to use positive mechanical connections.

Tim Elverston soldering lamp wire for WindFire Designs Origami sewing of lamp shade by Tim Elverston's hands
stainless steel lamp shade design showing non-welded junction at the seam

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