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Pointy Brand products are thoughtful, personal accessories made with a combination of old-world sensibility and high-tech materials.

Pointy the mammal points looks over a city scape

Pointy is a discerning mammal who discovered early on that he had a talent for advertising. He found that if he stood very still and concentrated — he could point at things and people would notice them. He made a firm promise to use this power only for good. As such, you'll only see him pointing at the most worthy things.

An active philanthropist and connoisseur of design, Pointy is extremely selective about his endorsements.

WindFire Designs is thrilled that Pointy chose our studio to produce his products. Our first project together was to develop a line of wallets.

Pointy's design brief was simple...

"Everything you need, nothing you don't."

Of course, wallets are highly personal by nature. We discovered, after extensive market research, that different customers have different needs. Eventually, we decided to satisfy three distinctly different types of pocket with hopes that these models would work for a large range of customers.

As an avid minimalist, Pointy wanted all his wallets to be sleek in profile for the dieting pocket. Since a diet is only as good as it is healthy and sustainable, we balanced idealized design principles with real-world functionality.


by Pointy

Pointy wallet - Spendy - showing capacity and pockets - red with grey trim

The Spendy

A masterful balance of form and function, The Spendy wallet is our most popular model — for good reason.

Pointy - Spendy wallet - black with blue trim - designed by WindFire Designs
Pointy walley - spendy model - purple with black trim

The two facing card-sized pockets hold and organize IDs and credit cards. Each one holds a surprising number of plastic rectangles for your speedy spending pleasure.

Indeed, the wallet is named for the ease with which it allows consumers to access their precious numbers.

Pointy wallet - Spendy model - detail of stitching and pockets
Pointy wallet - Spendy - grey black dark grey model - standing open showing inward facing pockets

The carefully sized main bill pocket works for currency from all over the globe. It holds a generous, although not excessive, number of bills.

The Spendy — Who’s pocket?

Pointy wallet - Spendy model - black with red trim - lying away empty and closed

You don’t like clutter, but want to keep your options open. In the end, you are all about what is practical.

Life is fast, unexpected, and your adventures take you all over the world. You are equally at home buying online or walking the farmer’s market.

Pointy wallet - Spendy Model - red with grey trim

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