Kite Making Classes with Sarah Lucas

Kite Building Workshop

Upcoming event
Coming soon.
from 2pm to 4pm

Location: Please join me at
OneLove Cafe
4989 NW 40th PL
Gainesville, FL 32606

This outdoor class is weather-dependent. If the weather is not good for this date, your ticket to this class will be carried over to a backup date. See details below.

Weather-dependent date:

Should a backup date be needed because of weather, the class will be rescheduled for the following week at the same time and place. An email, or text message will be sent to parents with confirmation of the new date the night before the scheduled class.


Check back soon for the next kite making class to guarantee your child's place at the kite making table. Each class will have a maximum of 7 seats. I will email you directly with confirmation after I receive your payment.


What your child will learn:

Kite Fundamentals: Frame, structure, materials, and flight strategy.

Bridling (string) skills: Knot tying — Overhand, lark’s head, and prusik knots. Kite line management.

Environment: Wind direction, drag, lift, and control.

About the class:

Limited: 7 children per workshop
2-hour outdoor class in shade structure

Firm age range requirement:

$25 per student

Includes complete kite materials, instruction, and decorating supplies. Students will make and take home a complete kite that will last for years with proper care.

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How to prepare:

Outdoor, covid-careful, open-air class. Work table will be shaded. Bring water and a midday snack for your child.

This class is designed for unattended children.

Parents should expect to drop their kids in the shade structure and enjoy the restaurant seating nearby. When the kites are finished, kids and kites bloom out of the classroom like an event in nature. At that point, parent-child kite flying is very encouraged.

About your instructor:

My name is Sarah Lucas. I grew up here in Gainesville. I have 6 years training and professional experience in early childhood education. I also have 2 years professional experience in kite fabrication at WindFire Designs kite studio.

Teaching these classes combines every passion I have—working with children, making kites, and running around outside. Nothing beats it!

Questions about kite making classes?

email me here and I can answer any of them. Thank you, and see you on the kite field.

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