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Print or fake one of our repair tickets

Select a ticket for your type of wing:

The kite repair tickets listed below link to pdf files.
They will display large in a new browser window, and they print well.

Bow type inflatable

C type inflatable

Ram-air foil


bow kite repair ticket selection C-Type inflatable kite repair ticket selection button ram air foil repair ticket button paraglider repair ticket button

Click one of the wing types above.
This will bring up a ticket to print. Include it inside your box.

If you are without the use of a printer, no problem.
Simply copy our ticket on your own paper.

After printing your repair ticket:

sewing a paraglider repair - this image shows 4 layers lining up as the cell is sewn back together - alignment is shown by the black dots, called registration marks

The Checklist

  • Fill out your ticket. Include your ticket in the box with your wing.


  • Please dry the kite and shake off loose sand before packing it. If the kite cannot be cleaned before sending it, that's ok, but we might charge up to 30 minutes labor to clean it. It must be reasonably clean to run it through our machines.


  • Pack the kite in a box that will make the trip both here and back. Put some scrap paper between the fabric and the box opening. We always use extreme care opening these boxes. Styrofoam peanuts are not needed.


  • Removing kite bladders is not necessary for our fabric repair process.


Rush repair service

We gladly rush kite repairs. Normally we can meet any reasonable deadline — at no extra charge.

For rush repair service, simply write
"TIME SENSITIVE" on the OUTSIDE of your box. If you don't need it, turn around is pretty fast anyway.

Other notes

Battens and spars which can be removed should be removed prior to shipping.

Bags are not necessary, but can offer some protection. We have not seen a single problem with a wing shipped without a bag.

Shipping recomendations

Ship your wing using a tracked ground service. UPS Ground, US Post Priority, and FedEx Ground are all great ways to get it here. Priority mail is generally the best way to get boxes coast to coast.

Insurance is optional when you ship. It can be a good deal, or pretty pricey. Let us know if you want the wing insured for the return trip. We've never seen a soft wing damaged in shipping.

Ship your damaged wing to WindFire Designs

paraglider repair shot showing stitching of patch going into the junction of a cell instead of jumping over the cell

WindFire Designs
Kite repair service in a few easy steps

How to have your kites repaired
by WindFire Designs:

1: Print or fake one of our Repair Tickets above

2: Allow the kite to dry and shake off loose sand

3: View our checklist above

4: Pack the kite in a smallish box

5: Ship to WindFire Designs

kite fabric Repair image showing alignment of fibers before patching

To all our customers, Thank you.

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