Otto Winders

Stainless steel line winders — Finely tuned figures of eight

WindFire Otto Winder - line winder made of stainless steel

Designed for line

windfire designs otto winder stainless steel line winder anchored in sand

Otto, Italian for 8

Otto Winder - stamp in wire - WindFire Designs

Otto Winders — Your kites are designed to perform perfectly. Now, so are your line winders.

From a single length of stainless steel,
comes a full range of functions

The rings

Every Otto Winder has two rings. They are sized for hands, so holding them as you wind line feels comfortable and secure.

The rings are positioned to allow pulling the working line through to form a loop. Put the loop over one of the two posts on the Otto Winder and the line is secure.

Otto Winder by WindFire Designs
Otto Winder - showing spectra line winding in a figure eight to prevent twists

The winder

The Otto Winder was designed for managing line. It takes in about 16 inches for every figure 8 cycle. Because of the deep shape at the sides, Otto Winders have tremendous capacity.

The posts

By pulling line through one of the rings, and looping it over a post, the line is secured. Instantly cleat the line at any point. It's both easy to form, and quick to release. The other ring and post remain ready to receive loops from line on your anchor.

Otto Winder - Knotless cleating of spectra line
TriLock path of wire in the Otto Winder - gives it strength and structure against lateral loads

TriLock path

Otto Winders derive a fair measure of their excellent strength from the deceptively simple path of stainless steel at their center.

Formed early in the process, the TriLock prevents deformation under lateral compression. As a result, Otto Winders can support substantial loads.

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Light, quick, smooth, and beautiful

E Winder, a figure eight winder for light kite lines


E–Winders are perfect for organizing sets of lines. They are light, stiff, and small, so a large number of them can be stored in a tight space.

six E-Winders with quadline sets

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