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Lonely Bird Book artist's edition limited series by Ruth Whiting
Lonely Bird by Ruth Whiting Limited Artist's Edition


Lonely Bird is illustrated with over sixty deeply rendered oil paintings. It is a modern illuminated manuscript—an art book that tells a story.

After nearly six years of cinema-like production, Lonely Bird is finally complete. Prior to full-scale publishing, Lonely Bird is available in a Limited Artist's Edition. This is the director's cut.



Features of the Limited Artist's Edition:

  • Every book is signed and numbered by the artist.
  • Paper, print, and binding quality are the finest available.
  • Calibrated colors are true to the original paintings.
  • 44 pages with over 85 images from ultra-high resolution scans of the paintings. Over 300 megapixels each—see every minute detail.

The beautiful artwork and exceptional quality makes it immensely gratifying to hold one of these books in person. This edition is an important part of history.


~ Lonely Bird approved ~


Exciting news for Lonely Bird!!!! Publishing!

A trilogy of these books will be published by Candlewick Press, with the first of them to hit shelves in 2023

Lonely Bird — a painted book by Ruth Whiting


Lonely Bird is an epic tale about the triumphs and challenges of creativity. Our charismatic heroine exists just on the edge of our world. She is a tiny bird with the ability to melt into images, and turn household scraps into works of art. She is an accomplished artist who is always watching and thinking. That is, until she starts making and goes on an adventure.

Lonely Bird has the feel of a classic while being distinctly contemporary. The story is told through paintings. The style might be best described as the vivid realism of a childhood memory. This supersaturated world is the place where archetypes are born.


Lonely Bird stands out against the sumptuous background. She is a drawing that has come to life. Perhaps she is more real than real. The simple lines of her body convey a range of emotions as varied as those expressed by any famous literary character.

Unlike some stories of adventure that gloss over the process of creating, Lonely Bird's methods are featured in detail. Lovable though Lonely Bird may be, it is her determination and innovative thinking that make her memorable.



See some of the original paintings here.