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O2 Flame - silk quadline kite by Tim Elverston

Tim Elverston

As a designer, maker, and artist, Tim Elverston's earliest memories, and most powerful interests, have always revolved around our atmosphere and flight. What started as intense bird envy has become an enduring, and infinitely versatile passion.

While diverse, Tim's work is now highly refined. In 2001, he started a handmade technologies company called WindFire Designs. Tim is strongly influenced by his collected knowledge of the natural world and the material sciences. His ideas for the future are driven by a mix of desire, experimental data, and cumulative intuition.


Tim Elverston Portrait

Works by Tim Elverston

Hand Mobile

Based on proportions of human hands, the light weight and exquisite balance of this kenetic sculpture mean that it moves in even the most-subtle air currents.

Carbon, stainless steel, lead, uhwmpe laminate.


The WindFire Cursor Kite

A magic trick in essence, this highly controlable kite brings the operating system back into the natural world. 2004

Cursor Kite by WindFire Designs - Tim Elverston
Cursor Kite by Tim Elverston

Very little is known about the WindFire Cursor Kite. It seems to be bringing the desktop of your computer outdoors — pfff, finally. Precise control, silk sail, nearly invisible hand-formed stainless fittings, and opposed-bow tension system make this flying cursor look edited right into the sky. But it isn't. A work of art, both as a concept and a performance — it is a flying sculpture and a social commentary.

The visual simplicity comes from considerable technological development. We are very interested in using the obvious potential of this in many ways. If you are reading this and you're having ideas, please consider inviting us to perform in front of your cameras and/or at your event.

Carefully designed by Tim Elverston, this high-end addition to the WindFire collection marks the beginning of the WindFire OS Series. Stay tuned and yes, we've got all the logical extensions in the works.

Coat for Bridget

Leather with silk lining. Shape-captured and sculpted on her body for a perfect fit.


Bridget coat by Tim Elverston leather pocket detail
Leather coat with silk lining and full leather pockets -  design by Tim Elverston
two 3.2 square meter foil kites - Zyzzle Foil - designed by Tim Elverston

Zyzzle Foils

Designed a full set of three sizes. High-performance ultralight ram air foils. Built without the reinforcements found in consumer equivalents. Two flown as a team in image on the left.


A transformative work in kites. These are porous, adaptive, fluid silk. A large flowing form, with minimal framing. Thriving even in intense turbulence, they use the wind as the final element in their own structure, and expand from flat into their lifting configuration as they take flight.


3 Flowx - FlowxL - Tim Elverston - Normandy - silk kites - 23' long
O2 Flame in flight - silk kite by Tim Elverston

O2 Flame

Quiet and soft, yet exquisitely precise. It offers a most-intimate experience of flight.


Black 7

Paper, stainless steel, carbon fiber, thread. Moving in the slightest air currents, the form finds the patterns of the room.


Black 7 Mobile by Tim Elverston - Paper, stainless steel, carbon fiber, 2007
Mobile by Tim Elverston from stainless wire

Wire mobile

5 sections of stainless steel wire delicately balance as jewelry for trees.


Bridget with Flute

Stainless wire on black board.


Bridget with flute - figurative wire sculptureby Tim Elverston
Stainless steel and turquois necklace by Tim Elverston


Detail of clasp and necklace design. Turquois, hemotite, and stainless steel.


Tear Drop Lamp

Paper, carbon fiber, spectra.


Tear drop lamp designed by Tim Elverston - origami paper, carbon fiber, spectra
Bone kite by Tim Elverston

Bone Kite

Completely adjustable and modular kite.


Plasma Flames

Based on light through water droplets on glass, the plasma flames were the first public showing of the Flame design by Tim Elverston.


Flame quadline kite with plasma graphics - Tim Elverston and Ruth Whiting
LaceWing Flame - Tim Elverston Ruth Whiting

LaceWing Flames

Kite design by Tim Elverston. Painted by Ruth Whiting. The Flame is a controlable four line kite designed to fly in very light, to zero wind.


Silk Curtains

Frictionless, minimalist curtain design with tension towers and spectra line suspension.


Silk curtains with tension line and fittings by Tim Elverston
DOTAshade - industrial modular shade design by Tim Elverston


6050 square feet. Modular industrial shade solution. 8 hexes, 8 diamonds, featuring Hermaphroloops.


Triple Light

Custom shade design with adjustable heights.

Tripple lamp dinner table by Tim Elverston
Dark light - giant origami - Tim Elverston - featured at Ruth Whiting's Asheville show, called Plug In

Dark Light

Giant structural origami lamp in paper, housing a down-facing spot light. Background paintings by Ruth Whiting.


Giant Origami Lamps

Two 10' origami lamps in paper. Colors change with sound activation. Tunnel by Marc Ricketts of GuildWorks.

Luma lobby lamps by Tim Elverston - giant structural origami
Tim Elverston in dust goggles he designed and made from leather and glass

Dust Goggles

Leather and glass desert goggles with a soft breathable seal that avoids vents—which avoids dust.

2009 — How to make your own dust goggles

Line Wheel

A jig for making many indoor quad line sets all at once. Threaded rod at the center makes the wheel travel, thus distributing lines across the bars evenly, and prestretched.


Lineset maker wheel jig
Origami kite by Tim Elverston

Origami kite

Folded Spectra laminate, carbon fiber.


Stainless Necklace

5 gauges of stainless steel.


Necklace made by Tim Elverston - stainless steel wire

Edging Machine

HDD bearings, screws, wood, sewing foot jig, stainless wire, carbon fiber.



Silk quadline kite. Reversed controls. Silk, carbon, spectra, stainless steel.


silk quadline kite by Tim Elverston based on the single link flowx kite
Direction kite by Tim Elverston


Carbon, spectra, polyester.


Dacron tape folding jig

Folds double stick dacron tape in half and removes the backing for use in the Synergy Deca series of kites by Marc Ricketts.


Dacron tape folding jig by Tim Elverston
Plug Flower wire sculpture by Tim Elverston

Plug Flowers

Stainless wire and Edison socket. Made for Ruth.


Line Baskets

Baskets made from reused paraglider lines.


baskets made from recycled paraglider line by Tim Elverston
handmade baby stroller

High-performance handmade baby stroller

Carbon, aluminum, stainless steel, oak, polyester. Weighs only 4 pounds. Has loops for restraint belt made of silk. Folds up to be extremely small, rides like a dream.


folded ultralight baby stroller by tim elverston

iPhone case

Leather, double braid spectra dacron line, spectra thread.


iphone se case designed by Tim Elverston
wooden bike trailer designed by Tim Elverston

Bike trailer

Wood, aluminum, stainless steel wire, fabrics. 8 lbs, for kids, rides like a dream.



How to make a Hover Pencil

Make your own Hover Pencils over your desk or work table with a nearly frictionless suspension system. Tim Elverston designed this method for making a writing instrument hover over any work surface. This video shows each detail of how to make your own.

The Air-YO™


The Original Air-YO™ was carefully designed by three crazy kite builders named Tim Elverston, Curtiss Mitchell, and Ruth Whiting. The Air-YO is a toy, but it has its roots in kites. During more than twenty years of flying kites and over ten years of building kites professionally, we've seen kites do some pretty amazing things. One day, many ideas about stuff that flies became clear in our heads and the very first Air-YOtm was put together.

When the Air-YO obeyed us for the first time, it was like magic jumped out of the air and was transmitted through the string directly to our waiting fingertips. We had invented something very special—an object that would give the people who touch it a brand new perspective on what it means to control something that is in flight.

The Air-YO is a tethered-omnidirectional-planing-flying object. It is also the first flying ring toy that doesn't need to spin as it flies. The Air-YO is a training toy for those who want great things, it is a toy to hone your hand-eye coordination, or to make a timid arm nimble again. The Air-YO is a toy to help you see the invisible.

It is a family toy to confuse a dog with. It is a toy for when you are peacfully alone. Yet it can draw people together with magnetic force. The truth is that the Air-YO can be more than just a toy, because when people tell you that there are limits in life you can say: "How can that be?… I can Air-YO" and you can mean it!

Tim Elverston with field of Flowx on Snake Hill in Daylesford Australia - photo by Ruth Whiting

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