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Flowx — Ridgeline installation — Tim Elverston - Ruth Whiting
Ruth Whiting Portrait

Ruth Whiting

A painter, whose diverse body of work is characterized by sumptuous, luminous color. Her images are always vividly imagined, and range from tightly-rendered illustrations to gestural, expressionistic skyscapes.

Whiting's years of experience, technical knowledge, artistic vision, and training as a dancer serve to sculpt the reality of her art. Steeped in mythology, her work has an underlying story that lends intrigue beyond the formal beauty.

Ruth is a kite designer and maker.

Ruth is also a working illustrator for all kinds of books. View the Ruth Whiting illustration portfolio here.

Ruth Whiting Camera Kite painted quadline



  Thus far — Paintings by Ruth Whiting
Ruth Whiting paintings

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