Booking information — WindFire Designs

Shows — Outdoor and indoor kite performances

Exhibitions — Galleries, museums and public buildings

Lectures — Presentations for educational institutions


Our indoor and outdoor kite shows and performances normally require booking us 2 – 3 months in advance.

Gallery shows, installations and lectures should be arranged 4 – 12 months in advance.

Please contact us to discuss how you see us fitting your event.


Our rates adapt to the purpose, and hover near show and performance industry standards.

For performances, our travel and lodging expenses, a per-diem, and a performance fee per day is standard.

For installation work and gallery shows, we typically arrange a flat installation fee which covers a concept or vision. Logistical expenses and rental of special equipment are generally covered by our clients.

Flowx kites hanging in the Harn Museum
Ruth Whiting and 4 windfire designs kites in a show

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