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WindFire Designs outdoor kite show and performance in Doha, Qatar 2013

Outdoor wind and kite shows

Event Services

WindFire Designs provides spectacular outdoor displays for all kinds of venues. Over 25 years of experience and development are behind every one of our shows.

Dynamic beauty, minimal requirements.

Our kite performances are based around several systems which we have developed in-house. Huge displays are made possible with minimal gear and very small teams.

Ruth Whiting - WindFire Designs show in the Black Rock Desert NV with Flowx kites

Large impact, small footprint

The images you see here are accomplished with a crew of only two or three individuals. The entirety of the gear fits in a single airline regulation bag.


Our kite show systems are designed for safe exploration. We've built our equipment around engaging interaction with the general public.

Flowx kites by WindFire Designs at Venice Lido
Ruth Whiting on stage in Doha flying show kites

Staged in nature

Our kite shows adapt to their surroundings. From stages to sidewalks, we provide dynamic atmospheric exhibitions.

Cinematic perspective

Scenes are all about angles. The arrangement of Flowx in the shot to the right is almost 100 meters wide. It was created by only two people, with gear that bloomed out of a single bag that fits in one hand.

Dieppe France and Ruth Whiting with kites  Flowx on the rock beach
A shot from Cervia, Italy, WindFire Designs Kites, 3 ColorWing Morphos painted by Ruth Whiting, and 2 LaceWing Flames - flown by Anke Sauer, and kite design by Tim Elverston, photo also by Tim

Light wind performance

As the wind drops, everything changes. LaceWings and ColorWings, shown on the left, are at the pinacle of light wind kite technology.

Gallery Shows


Our work shows in museums, public spaces, educational institutions, commercial buildings, and private galleries.

Art show, Bloom, by Tim Elverston and Ruth Whiting
Tim Elverston and Ruth Whiting show kites at the Harn Museum in Gainesville FL

Left and below: Flowx show at the Harn Museum in Gainesville, Florida.

Our process is multidisciplinary and includes oil paintings that examine the mythology of our work and inform our future creations.

We also have a large collection of photographs that document our outdoor installations. These are coupled with oil paintings by Ruth Whiting that capture dreams and visions of the future.

Guests of the Harn Museum point to prints by Tim Elverston and Ruth Whiting kites art show
Kites - art show - Look Up show at Cofrin Gallery by Tim Elverston and Ruth Whiting

Look Up — A show of the history of our kites at the Cofrin Gallery in Gainesville Florida.


Plug In — A show of paintings in Asheville, North Carolina.


Plug In show of paintings in asheville NC by Ruth Whiting
FSU - Art Show - Making Now- Ruth Whiting Tim Elverston

Making Now — A show of Flowx, prints and paintings at Florida State University Gallery of Fine Arts.


Sarah Lucas Kite Making Workshops


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