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Flowx — Ridgeline installation — Tim Elverston - Ruth Whiting
Ruth Whiting Portrait Tim Elverston Portrait

Ruth Whiting

A painter, whose diverse body of work is characterized by sumptuous, luminous color.

Tim Elverston

A designer, maker, and artist since his earliest memories, his most powerful interests have always revolved around our atmosphere and flight.

Ruth Whiting Oil Painting Attraction Cursor Kite by Tim Elverston

Above, Attraction, an oil painting by Ruth Whiting.

Above, the WindFire Cursor Kite. Designed by Tim Elverston. This highly controlable kite brings the operating system back into the natural world.

About WindFire Designs


WindFire Designs was founded by Tim Elverston and Ruth Whiting. Initially, our focus was on making kites as products. Soon we found that kites designed specifically as products seemed wholly unfullfilling. Their intimacy and magic became lost in a race for pricepoints and cost. Innovation was suffocated by perception of cheap and standard, and universal. We began to repair kitesurfing kites. During this time, we started to make kites for ourselves. We fell in love with the outlandish, the time-consuming, the fine and precise. Finally, we were making the instruments of the wind we had always dreamed of.


Cultivate your insanity, but listen to your materials
— Ruth Whiting —

The eye is often mightier than the calculator.
— Tim Elverston —

So often, what we need turns out to be what we already have. If we take the time to think, the solution is within arm's reach. We must add the information of thought to the materials we understand.

The Praying Mantis

Our first project together — January 2001

Concepts to reality

Original Flowx kite design model by Tim Elverston First Flowx kite test flight with Ruth Whiting at Anastasia beach
Flowx Venice Water painting by Ruth Whiting Flowx in the Venice Grand Canal
sketch by tim elverston - pencil on paper - of O2 Flame concept O2 Flame in flight - silk kite by Tim Elverston
harn museum show concept sketch by tim elverston harn museum flowx show by Tim Elverston and Ruth Whiting
sketch by Tim Elverston - Crane Ramen actual banners at Crane Ramen linen block printed banners
DOTAshade sketch by Tim Elverston DOTAshade installation black rock desert Tim Elverston
Stainless steel lamp shade design by Tim Elverston sketch concept 3-axis hover light by Tim Elverston with stainless steel shade hand sewn

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