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Your deft clicks found our Slightly Hidden Gallery — a curated collection featuring some of our most striking images. Some of these images are elsewhere around our site, and others are seen only in this gallery.

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Beautiful images from the natural world are perfect for any decor. Our print technology features rich, archival inks printed directly on the reverse surface of glass. These lasting images require no frame, and deliver ready to hang with a single fastener.

WindFire Designs images printed on glass

Ruth walking with a ColorWing Morpho Glider

Wind Walk


Mackerel Sky

Tim Elverston & Ruth Whiting 2012 —Cervia, Italy—  3 ColorWing Morphos hover in a mackerel sky above an O2 Flame that moves slowly in extremely light wind.
Two LaceWing Flames - glass print preview gallery shot

LaceWings to the Sun

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