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kite fabric Repair image showing alignment of fibers before patching

A story of a misrepresented ebay kite — damaged and repaired

Chicks dig scars, even when they are on a kite.

Shown here is a Cabrinha Switchblade that we repaired for Scott Churilla. He purchased the kite on ebay and it was far more damaged than we thought from the pictures. He sent us a shot that the seller on ebay took that made it look a lot better than it actually was. This shot here, showing the damage, was taken by me for an email telling Scott that we'd sorta been had by the seller.

Red Cabrinha purchased on ebay and sent to windfire designs for repair on an extensively damaged kite surfing kite

We were able to put the kite back together perfectly as seen in the shot above and below.

This is an email we got from Scott after the repair:

On May 27, 2008, Scott C. Churilla wrote:

I finally got to fly the kite you repaired for me in the fall. The kite flew perfectly! Please find attached a couple pictures of the kite in the air.
I'll be sure to let everyone know what a great job you did repairing my
Thanks again!

repaired Cabrinha switchblade kite - windfire designs after shot

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1: Print or fake our WindFire Designs Repair Ticket

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4: Pack the kite in a smallish box

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paraglider repair showing close up of cell patch done properly

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