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kite fabric Repair image showing alignment of fibers before patching

Testimonials from our customers

On Jan 1, 2009, at 12:44 PM, Gundlach, Gregory wrote:

Hi Tim (and Jim),

I really appreciate both your efforts over the holiday (working on Xmas
eve) and your professionalism (contacting me to inquire on any questions
and keeping me alert as to your progress). I am copying Daryl Drown who
had recommended you. Between your group and Daryl's guys, it's great to
see this type of service.

Greg Gundlach

On March 10 2008 Sean Titmas wrote...

Thanks again for such a good job repairing my Wipika. Everyone who sees the repair cannot believe that it was the same kite that was all busted up before. I've got another kite busted up like the first one. For some reason what ever I was doing wrong that caused my wipika to tear was the exact same thing I was doing when my friend let me fly his waroo while I was waiting for my kite to come back to me...


Sean M. Titmas

Round 3 of kite repair for Sean...


All i needed to do was look at my two kites and the repair you did on them to see just how awesome your work is. Every time I show someone (6 at last count) they cannot believe just how great the repairs are. I have used my Wipika about 4 hours since the repair and it flys just like it did before the accident. You do professional work and it's worth every dollar charged. Thanks again and when you have time I want to talk about a custom logo for my kite.


On July 27th 2005 Rob Goldlust wrote...

Hi Tim

Used the kite for the last 3 days (FINALLY we had wind) ...... Repair is perfect. Thanks so much.


On Oct. 27 2003 Jonathan Shlafer wrote...

..."Oh bye the way Tim Elverston is awesome. Now I know why you recommend him. If I or any of my friends ever tear a kite he is our man. Thanks again for the hook ups."... Jonathan Shlafer, NY

On May 27th 2006 Jonathan Arline wrote...

Dude! You sent me a brand new kite! Thanks. Cant even see the repair. How the Fact do you do it?

On Oct 20 , 2005 Mark Johnson wrote...


Thank you for the great work on my kites and the fast turn around time. You did a great job – it's hard to tell where the repairs are. You are the man!

Thanks again,

Mark Johnson

On 5/29/04, John Dodd wrote...

Hello Tim -

Just reporting back. I took up the 12 yesterday (you fixed my leading edge) and had a blast. Zero performance loss is your claim, and I most certainly subscribe to it. Thank you for the awesome repair job...

John Griffin wrote...

Thanks for my repair of my 20 meter Naish X2 sent thru Michael Percy! It was so good I cannot remember or find the damage site – I'm sending this kite with two tears (small) use your judgement in any repairs, and thanks.

An ebay story with photos

We repaired this poor kite for Scott Churilla.

macro shot of ripped fibers of a damaged kite orange cabrinha

WindFire Designs
Kite repair service in a few easy steps

How to have your kites repaired
by WindFire Designs:

1: Print or fake our
WindFire Designs Repair Ticket

2: Allow the kite to dry and shake off loose sand

3: View our checklist

4: Pack the kite in a smallish box

5: Ship to WindFire Designs

paraglider repair shot showing stitching of patch going into the junction of a cell instead of jumping over the cell

To all our customers, Thank you.

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