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ruth whiting painting lamp design by tim elverston flowx kite show by windfire designs Otto Winder for winding kite line and string morpho glider kite by windfire designs flowx silk kite design by tim elverston flowx silk kites windfire designs circle tools flame quadline kite by tim elverston and ruth whiting windfire designs articulamp lighting design by tim elverston flowx installation morphos by ruth whiting and tim elverston

Fine Art & Design

Kite Repair

kite repair service by windfire designs - tim elverston sewing a kite surfting kite

Our kite repair service provides a full repair service for kitesurfing kites, soft wings, and paragliders of all brands and types.

Our powerful studio of the arts explores and refines the language of beauty. We develop technologies focused on elegant connections between our materials and the natural world. We produce fine art, kites, interior design, lighting systems, shows, events, installations, and products.

View our featured work in higher resolution. Our kinetic sculptures perpetually fly and float through public spaces.

Tim Elverston - WindFire Designs - HandFlow Mobile - Hanging - UF Health Shands at the oaks

Mobiles for the future

Our transformative kinetic works are specifically designed and tested for permanent deployment into public spaces.

Archival, magical, captivating, and perpetually subtle beauty.

Pdf about our kinetic arts:

Ruth Whiting tuning and assembling AirColor Stacks - institutional kinetic arts by WindFire Designs 2022

RainShade services

Beauty in tension — shelter designed

WindFire Designs makes gorgeous custom sculptural tensile roofs and structures.

Our RainShades provide beauty and shade, and beneath them is completely dry. They are fabricated from domestic materials rated to last over 10 years.

We design and install transformationally fabulous structures as large as 1600 square feet for homes and businesses.

WindFire Designs RainShade is tensile architecture—built to precisely fit your property.

temporary tension-based open air classroom designed by tim elverston
fabric architecture outdoor shower design by tim elverston custom fabric roof to keep airstream dry designed by windfire designs

Kite Repair and Paraglider Repair Services

WindFire Designs provides kite repair services with absolute precision and personalized customer service.

For over 14 years we have repaired kites, soft wings, and paragliders for customers in every part of the United States and nearby islands.

sewing machine showing detail of fabric during kite repair service


WindFire Designs

We work with public spaces, educational institutions, hospitals, and museums. Our shows travel the globe, and offer kinetic installations, paintings, prints, lectures and workshops.

Girl pointing at a print of the Flowx show by Tim Elverston and Ruth Whiting

Flowx installation by WindFire Designs at the Harn Museum Gainesville FL
WindFire Designs Flowx Installation at Harn Museum Gainesville FL concept sketch

Our wind art is a collaboration between two artists and our atmosphere. Our installations blur the barriers between the real and the imagined, and open our thoughts to our relationship with our planet.

Flowx by Tim Elverston

WindFire Designs Circle Tools

Beautiful stainless steel circle templates for any maker's studio

WindFire Designs Circle Tools CTØ7 and CTØ11

Show & Event Services

WindFire Designs

WindFire Designs has developed an entire collection of show kites for indoor and outdoor shows and events. We provide large wind-borne displays for outdoor events around the world.

Flowx kites outdoor event by WindFire Designs in Doha Qatar
Flowx installation with girl interacting with the kite.  WindFire Designs outdoor event

Our highly refined show systems are optimized around a lifetime of kite performances. We have designed our shows to be beautiful, interactive, safe, and exciting.

With a some space and a little wind, we can point at all sorts of things. Learn more about the WindFire Designs Cursor Kite here.

Ruth Whiting and Cameron Richardson flying ColorWing Morpho Kites by WindFire Designs


WindFire Designs

two arm counterweighted articulated lamp design by Tim Elverston

Graceful, effortless, precise, infinitely positionable, counterweighted lighting solutions fabricated entirely by hand. Formed from stainless steel wire and sheet, carbon fiber, spectra laminate, and spectra braided line.

We offer several lamp designs as well as customized site-specific lighting for both domestic and commercial/industrial lighting specifications.



WindFire Designs

A curated collection of beautifully made objects, designed and built right here in our studio.


WindFire Designs Circle Tools

Circle Tools

Otto Winders kite line winder - stainless steel - design by windfire designs - Otto Winder
Pointy Wallets Pointy Brand

Oil paintings by Ruth Whiting

Ruth Whiting, has been painting her entire life. Trained in the ways of the old masters, her style is versatile, painterly and not afraid of the beautiful.


Future Bloom - an oil painting by Ruth Whiting

WindFire Kite Designs

Our kites formed the foundation of our company. They are born within the rules of flight.

A curated collection of our designs is available. These instruments of the wind are a symbiosis between art and engineering.

windfire designs colorwing flames painting by ruth whiting and kite design by tim elverston
Flowx silk kites by WindFire Designs Tim Elverston

On display, each kite we make is an archival sculpture. In flight, they offer a sensory connection to the invisible.

Our connective technologies, and fabrication methods have all evolved here and are unique to our work.

Stainless steel kite fitting design by Tim Elverston holding two pieces of carbon fiber with spectra line
Flowx by WindFire Designs - A stack of Flowx in Doha - kite design by Tim Elverston and color design by Ruth Whiting
O2 Flame number 1, windfire designs kite fitting design detail

Lonely Bird

Lonely Bird - Artist's Edition - a painted book by Ruth Whiting

Lonely Bird, by Ruth Whiting, is an epic tale about the triumphs and challenges of creativity. Our charismatic heroine exists just on the edge of our world. She is a tiny bird with the ability to melt into images, and turn household scraps into works of art. She is an accomplished artist who is always watching and thinking. That is, until she starts making and goes on an adventure.

To all our customers, Thank you.

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